Delegate Comments

Alex Bruford – ATC Live
Congratulations on a fantastic edition of ILMC! It was really great to see a lot more new and younger faces at the conference this year. I thought the changes you brought in were great, particularly lunch on Friday and more conference sessions  I attended a number of very informative panels, particularly tax, Facebook and production. Nice one!

Dan Steinberg – Square Peg Concerts
It was great to be included, gave me credibility right off the bat meeting people, that your team extended me a panel spot. it also helped me meet amazing people like, Steve Josh and Julie.  I had a blast hanging and drinking with you.  My mind has been all over the place with all the info I learned about the international marketplace. I feel your team did an amazing job with the conference, and I am so overwhelmed with how friendly everyone was to me, feeling like an outsider is never a great feeling, and that did not last long at all!  Thank you so much.  I would love to return and get more involved with the conference in anyway I can be of help.  Thank you so, so much for everything!

Stephan Thanscheidt – FKP Scorpio
It really was a perfect edition of the ILMC this year.

Rob Byrne – AXS
Just a quick note to thank you and congratulate you on a very successful ILMC 2015. It was a great few days and everyone I speak to agrees that it was very useful.

Gary Smith – Pollstar
It was a good show this year, congratulations! 

David Boon – Brussels Expo
The agenda was good, the programme as well… best regards and good luck with the preparations of the next edition.

Thomas Kastl – St Jakobshalle, Basel
For me it was perfect. All the people from my business were around, everybody in a good mood and your team is friendly and helpful. Thank you very much!

Thomas Roschek
Again a really good weekend and the perfect place to catch up with all my contacts and to make new ones. I liked the new conference topics, especially the Facebook workshop, festival workshop and the venue panel. The "old stories" are quite nice, but really don't inspire...

Extending the event to Thursday and Friday makes sense, it gives you more time for networking as you can't schedule all your meetings and pay attention to the conference at the same time.

Christian Doll – C2 Concerts
You did a wonderful job! The conference was great – it was my third ILMC and I won’t miss it anymore: Seeing all the partners and meeting new contacts is as important for me as the panels and workshops.

Great panels as always: Open Forum, Emerging Markets, The Booking Ring, New Tech…and very reasonable beer price at the bar! And thanks for the lunches!

Gill Park – MGR Weston Kay
Fantastic ILMC this year guys.

Martin Ingham – National Ice Centre & Capital FM Arena Nottingham
I thought this year’s ILMC was an improvement on recent years’ editions.I like the extension of the conference and I thought more of the conference session topics were relevant. The panel on sponsorship was very good, as was the Facebook workshop.  

Sue Greensmith – Friars Aylesbury
It was the first time I had attended the ILMC so I can't compare with previous years, but overall it was a most enjoyable experience. Great to be able to meet with so many people in one place.I particularly enjoyed the YouTube and Facebook panels...very informative. The exhibitions one was useful too. I shall look forward to next year’s event.

Sophie Lemaitre – Dixon Wilson
The conference was overall a very good experience – good talks and an excellent networking opportunity. The Savoy dinner was a success, and the mentalist show particularly impressive.

Brin Gots – Live Nation
The mobile phone interference was a pain at times. Apart from that, it was a good weekend.

Sergiu Stoiadin – Mandinga
Thank you very much. Amazing experience. See you next year.

Neil Croker – Palais Theatre Management
Thank you for the conference, overall it was a very worthwhile experience....I do appreciate the work, the theming, and the opportunities ILMC offers, and will be there again next year.

Gizem Onurme – Akademi Organization
You are the real heroes of this event  thank you for getting us together. 

I can say that the changes you made – panels and workshops – were well considered and useful for attendees. And the mobile app is brilliant and handy. 
I’ve no negative comments at all.

Dick Molenaar – All Arts Tax Advisors
Congratulations with a very successful (and sold out) ILMC! Very good speakers, lively discussions and good atmosphere to learn and do business. You can be proud of that result. I have had a good time.

Andrew Leighton-Pope – LPO Agency
Well done everybody, great weekend. The two full working days definitely improved the chances to do businesso... but maybe not our livers.

Dennis Argenzia – Live Nation Asia Touring
Job well done from a new delegate's point of view; and will be back for sure.  

Carlos Pinto – Inter-Music International
Congratulations are in order to all of you, and, hopefully, I'll be one of the first delegates to submit my registration for ILMC 28 next year!

Simon Thomsett – Fairfield Halls
It was a good experience, lots to discuss and I’d be interested in returning.  More the merrier on new technology, social media marketing as far as I’m concerned. 

Maarten Arkenbout – Pieter Smit Group
Thanks a lot for your good work! We really liked the shirts and the overalls with our logo on it. Also, the video screen was perfect…in general we are very happy with ILMC 27.