After spending the best part of a year planning an ILMC, the weekend itself passes at nothing short of light speed.  One minute you’re wheeling a suitcase out of Kensington High Street station, the next you’re standing bewildered, blinking in the daylight on the Royal Garden steps on a Monday morning, wondering ‘what now?’

It’ll take a few weeks to fully digest the weekend, but first impressions seem to be that it was one of the best ILMCs to date. There was a good vibe among the meeting spaces, bars and restaurants; and the panels were (in the main) upbeat and progressive.

As anyone who attended will know, we made a number of changes this year. ILMC as a whole started and finished earlier than before, meaning that Friday featured a full day of panels and meetings. We launched a workshop programme with the likes of YouTube and Facebook coming along to run sessions. And the panel schedule was revamped, with more content than ever, and a wider spread of topics. And based on initial feedback, the changes have been well received.

Now that the capes have been packed away and the Lycra slung back into the cupboards, the question is how we continue this drive. ILMC must continue to be the key annual meeting point for the live music business worldwide so if there’s  any way that both IQ Magazine and the conference can better champion this wonderful business that we’re all lucky to find ourselves in, please let us know.

If you didn’t make it this year, the following few pages should give you a flavour of what you missed. If you did attend, then a sincere ‘thank you’ is due for your participation in whatever form it took. Plans are already afoot for ILMC 28, and until the next big reveal in the autumn, have a productive and successful summer. See you in 2016, if not before!

Greg Parmley