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Building on the success of previous events, the ILMC Production Meeting (IPM) will accommodate up to 200 of the world's most renowned production managers; sound and lighting engineers; venue personnel; suppliers and promoters' representatives this year. Sponsored by eps, EFM, Fly Victor and Megaforce, IPM takes place on Thursday 5 March 2015 at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London. 

Each edition of IPM sees one senior production figure invited to welcome delegates and host the day. After Live Nation’s John Probyn did a wonderful job in 2014, we’re pleased to announce that Keith Wood (Production Solutions) will be 2015’s guest host, so expect some warm words from one of the UK’s most distinguished production professionals.

IPM discussions will focus on four distinct topics that are facing the industry (to be announced shortly). The IPM also includes complimentary coffee and tea, a buffet lunch, and after the sessions finish there will be a two hour drinks and nibbles session in the company of peers and any early-bird ILMC delegates who wish to attend, at the IPM Closing Drinks

Schedule & Registration

09:00 IPM Registration
09:00 - 10:00 Coffee & Tea
10:00 - 11:15 Opening Address & First Panel
11:15 - 11:45 Coffee & Tea
11:45 - 13:00  Second Panel
13:00 - 14:30  Lunch
14:30 - 15:45 Third Panel
15:45 - 16:15 Coffee & Tea
16:15 - 17:45 Fourth Panel
18:00 - 20:00 IPM Closing Drinks Party

Attending IPM costs £55 for ILMC delegates and £99 for non-ILMC delegates.

To obtain the discounted rate, ILMC delegates should register for IPM at the same time as registering for ILMC, or contact [email protected] if you have already registered for the ILMC.

Click here to register for IPM 2015.


Panel 1: A Square Peg in a Round Hole?
Static CDM regulations implemented in a dynamic event industry

Chair: Eddy Grant (University of Derby, UK)
Keith Wood (Production Solutions, UK)
Martin Wielaart (Amsterdam ArenA, NL)
Martina Pogacic (Event Service Group, HR)
Mark Surtees (Outback Rigging, UK)

The 2013 Construction Design & Management (CDM) regulations come into force in the UK in April 2015, and with the directives also affecting Europe and Australasia, it’s an international issue. What are the effects of enforcing static rules in an industry that survives by being flexible and adaptive? Just how much change will CDM drive in the industry, and how can those on the frontline affect it?

IPM returns to this contentious issue to discuss how different markets have applied these regulations, and to ask whether the theory matches the reality of event planning.

Panel 2: What Goes Up, Must Come Down… Safely!
Weather, gravity and temporary structures

Chair: Jim Digby (Event Safety Alliance, USA)
David VandenHeuvel (Weather Decision Technologies Inc., USA)
Steven Corfield-Moore (Serious Stages, UK)
Paul Cook (Live Nation Music, UK)
Martin Goebbels (Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach, UK)

With a new Code of Practice currently being issued; the ESA’s Event Safety Guide generating interest; and a collective of staging companies putting forward a Best Practice Guide, the world of temporary structures is facing a lot of attention right now. But, as the last year alone has shown, while regulations and training is available in some markets, in others, there’s a long way to go.

Are there enough competent people working to ensure these potential deathtraps remain safe for both audience and crew alike? Are guidelines enough? While structures (mostly) stand still, this is a sector pushing for much-needed change.

Panel 3: Backstage to the Future
Proven tech and new developments affecting the production industry
~ in association with TPi Magazine.

Chair: Lee Charteris (Flash Entertainment FZ LLC, UAE)
Chris Beale (Pinnacom Ltd / SPLtrack Ltd, UK)
Wesley East (, UK)
Niels Werner Adelman-Larsen (Flex Acoustics, DK)
Andy Mead (Firefly Solar Generators Ltd, UK)

We live in an increasingly accelerating world, and new products are launched almost weekly that claim to revolutionise, reshape or evolve the production industry. But aside from the sales pitches, what new technologies or systems are actually poised to make a difference?

From the future of wireless networks to LEDs, RFID and beyond, this session highlights those new developments that are genuinely making productions easier, better, safer and more economical.

Panel 4: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
Fatigue risks assessed

Chair: Carl A H Martin (
James Cobb (Crowd Connected Ltd, UK)
Martin Cramer (Mojo Concerts / Live Nation, NL)
Mark Armstrong (L3 NRC Rigger & Assessor NRAG, UK)
Yana Lombard (Rashid Lombard Inc, SA) 

Groundbreaking research on the effect of fatigue was unveiled at IPM in 2013, yet very little progress has been made since. As a collective of production professionals, this session will ask what can be done to persuade promoters, managers, agents and artists to better understand the potentially deadly outcome of pushing artists, crew and staff too hard. As an industry, are we able to take action on the subject, or is external regulation (as has happened with CDM and others) required? Conclusions we come to during this session will be presented at a dedicated workshop for ILMC members on Saturday 7 March, with the aim of improving the current situation and, ultimately, saving lives and/or limbs.

Delegates List

An overview of registered 2015 IPM delegates can be found here and will be updated weekly until the conference.