About the Venue
The Royal Garden Hotel is situated amid the shops and eateries of busy Kensington High Street, and affords unparalleled views of the London skyline and tranquil Hyde Park. It offers an elegant array of five-star rooms and services, ensuring that all guests are treated to the same first class luxury that they are accustomed to.
To maintain the exclusivity of the ILMC, rooms can only be booked for delegates (and their families) through the ILMC's official travel agent, The Tour Company. Read more about accommodation here.
Access all Areas
The Access All Areas programme gives delegates a chance to catch some of London’s hottest shows using just their delegate pass. The listings of all available shows is published in the Globetrotters conference guide, and while some venues are quite literally across the street, for others you’ll need to get on the road for the show.

Entry requirements differ, so please check at the Help Desk before heading out. With the whole of London on your doorstep, there’s an abundance of live music to get stuck into and enjoy… 
The ILMC Bursary Scheme

This year, ILMC has introduced a Bursary Scheme for young professionals and start-up companies. The scheme is intended to provide a route for those who would otherwise not be able to attend, to participate in ILMC for the first time. Patrons of the scheme are Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach.

The closing date to apply is Friday 30 January 2015, with successful applicants being notified in the first week of February. A Bursary Scheme place is a full ILMC delegate pass. Details of all successful applicants will remain strictly confidential.

To apply for abursary place, you must:
1.  Be employed by, or own, a company that employs less than 10 people, and that has not previously been represented at ILMC.
2. Have not previously attended an ILMC yourself.
3. Have gone through the ILMC nomination process (more details on this here).

Download the application form


Courtesy Coaches
Complimentary transport will whisk delegates between the Royal Garden Hotel and various off-site ILMC events throughout the weekend. Timetables will be posted on the Delegates' Noticeboard in front of the registration desk or ask at the Help Desk.
Delegates' Bar aka AEG's Heroes & Villains Bar
An ILMC would not be complete without AEG's Heroes & Villains Bar - the engine room of the conference, and a place some delegates will often find themselves drawn to, either by magnetic ray or just the pull of a subsidised pint and the chance to catch up with industry colleagues.
It might account for some crimefighters finding their superpowers a little dulled the next morning, but it's where many deals are struck and friendships made. The central late-night hang out where everyone ends up, it's truly the place to be if you want to mingle with fellow delegates.  
Dinner in The Garden
The Park Terrace Restaurant on the ground floor of the Royal Garden Hotel serves an exclusive range of fine wines and a delicious five-star international menu and is open on Thursday evening (from 18:00) and Friday evening (from 18:30), when the restaurant is exclusively for ILMC delegates.
Environmental Efforts
ILMC is implementing a staged three-year plan to become more environmentally aware, and introducing several new initiatives this year as a result. These include:

·       Voluntary carbon offset for all delegate travel
·       Reviewing all print and manufacturing around the event
·       Recycling bins placed throughout the hotel
·       Paper waste reduction
·       Suppliers issued with our environmental policy and asked to consider their own
·       Working closely with the Royal Garden Hotel to reduce all waste

Download a copy of the environmental policy here. Or for more info, email [email protected].


Showsec International will take their traditional place as guardians of the Royal Garden Hotel throughout ILMC 27, protecting delegates from uninvited baddies and maintaining the exclusivity of the venue.
The Phantom Zone
The Phantom Zone – also known as the York Suite – will definitely be somewhere to be, as it features those essentials of the live industry - music, food and booze.

As well as the host venue for the ILMC Production Meeting, the room is also where the ILMC ‘Avengers Assemble’ Opening Party, The aXs-Men’s Super Jam,and the Sonic Boom Karaoke take place. It also doubles as Robertson Taylor's Pow! Wow! Suite on Saturday daytime, expanding the available space for private meetings around the hotel.

The Phantom Zone will host hot breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday morning, and a complimentary snack lunch on Friday and hot buffet on Saturday lunchtime.
Getting to the ILMC
The nearest tube station to the Royal Garden Hotel is Kensington High Street.
Useful buses that stop directly in front of the hotel are: Route 9 from Aldwych; route 10 from King's Cross; route 49 from Clapham Junction; and route 52 from Victoria.
UK delegates who drive to the venue will be subject to a Congestion Charge (between 07:00-18.00 on weekdays) unless their vehicles use alternative fuels. For more information or to pay, refer to www.cclondon.com.
From Heathrow Airport: (21.5km)
55 minutes by taxi (approx £60) directly to the Royal Garden Hotel
15 minutes by rail on Heathrow Express to Paddington Station (from £20 one way/£34 return) 
Taxi from Paddington Station to Royal Garden Hotel (approx £10).
From Gatwick Airport: (48km)
90 minutes by taxi (approx £90) directly to the Royal Garden Hotel
30 minutes by rail on Gatwick Express to Victoria Station (from £17.70 one way/£31.05 return)
Taxi from Victoria Station to Royal Garden Hotel (approx £10).
From St Pancras International Eurostar Terminal: (8.5km)
40 minutes by taxi directly to the Royal Garden Hotel (approx £22).
All costs correct at time of going to press.
Leaflet Table
The delegates' leaflet table provides a cost-effective way to market your company to other delegates. Situated in a prime location, their placement makes sure you catch the passing crowd both coming and going, with all proceeds going to The Nikos Fund.

Tick the Leaflet Table box on the online Registration Form or contact [email protected].
Send your marketing materials to the ILMC Production Office, Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, London W8 4PT to arrive no earlier than Monday 2 March 2015 or bring it directly to the conference and deliver to the Help Desk. Please do NOT send marketing materials directly to the ILMC office.

Places on the Leaflet Table must be pre-booked no later than 6PM GMT on Friday 27 February 2015. No materials will be accepted unless a place has been pre-booked and paid for, and you must be responsible for collecting all unused literature. 
As part of our environmental policy working towards a more sustainable conference, we would like to encourage you to use 100% recycled materials where possible. We would also ask you to ensure you collect any unused materials left at the end of the conference and reuse it or dispose of it correctly to avoid any unnecessary waste.
Meeting Space
There are many rooms and impromptu spaces around the Royal Garden Hotel for delegates to sit down and conduct private meetings:

Pollstar’s Tech Laboratory
(mezzanine level)
Throughout the weekend

The Phantom Zone
(York Suite, mezzanine level)
Friday 10:00–12:30 & 14:30-18:00
Saturday 07:00-11:00 & 13:00-19:00
Sunday  07:00-11:30 & 13:30-17:00

AEG’s Heroes & Villains Bar
(mezzanine level)
Friday from 11:00 - Monday early AM

Park Terrace Restaurant
(ground floor)
Friday 06:00-23:00. Dinner reservations taken after 18:30.

Additionally, there are a wealth of cafes, juice bars and pubs within a 60-second walk from the hotel, perfect for meeting away from the main bustle of the conference.

The mezzanine level of the hotel is the central hub for delegates throughout the conference weekend which offers an exclusive area dedicated to networking, entertaining, business, play and an endless array of impromptu activities. The bars and cafés on this level offer delegates an exclusive centre for both business and pleasure.
Mobile App
Rocketing into the 21st Century, ILMC will have a mobile app this year, allowing delegates to plan their schedule, get conference updates and network, all via their smartphones.

ILMC’s Official Mobile Partner is developer Airbeem who will be showcasing some extremely cool features within the app when it launches in January. More details will be announced when it goes live.

Networking Scheme
The ILMC Networking Scheme allows delegates to communicate with each other and plan meetings in advance of the conference. Members of the scheme are issued a code to access a password-protected section of the website where they can find each other's contact details. To take part, please tick the relevant box when registering or contact [email protected].

Basic details about every registered delegate will be listed elsewhere on this site and in the Globetrotters Guide (unless you opt out when you register for the conference) but the networking scheme is the only way for delegates to access each others' contact details in advance.

The adult-in-charge of the Networking Scheme is Tom Hopewell ([email protected]), who will be able to advise you on getting the most out of your weekend, and will be on hand to make the odd introduction, if necessary.

The Nikos Fund
Each year The Nikos Fund raises money for a chosen registered charity to commemorate the life and contribution to the ILMC of one of our founding members, the late Nikos Sachpasidis.

Every delegate automatically makes a donation to The Nikos Fund just by registering for the conference but there will be additional opportunities to further swell the coffers by giving generously via the Nikos Fund collection tins, strategically placed around the Royal Garden Hotel and occasionally shaken in your face during the conference.

ILMC 27 will be raising money for Nordoff Robbins, and International Committee of the Red Cross charities.

Nordoff Robbins is a music therapy charity, dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults. They work with people with a range of challenges such as autism, dementia, depression and physical and learning disabilities. Read more.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence and to provide them with assistance. Read more

World-renowned rock photographer and ILMC member Guido Karp will be returning to the conference in 2015 to take portraits of delegates in exchange for a small charity donation.

Guido’s portraits from ILMC 25 graced the covers of two issues of IQ Magazine and proved immensely popular. Guido’s association with ILMC dates back over 20 years, and his portrait service at the conference has helped raise countless sums of money for the Nikos Fund.

Guido’s mobile photography studio will be operational on the lower ground floor of the hotel on Friday 6 March and Saturday 7 March. There is no need to book in advance, simply turn up when you have a spare minute. 


Pollstar's Tech Laboratory
Pollstar's Tech Laboratory will be open and online 24-hours a day throughout the ILMC weekend, hosting some of the most innovative tech companies in the industry who’ll be showcasing their wares to delegates.

The room also contains a smattering of computers on which delegates can check their emails, update their Facebook statuses, as well as charge their overworked and underpaid laptops, iPads, smartphones and radioactive cyber gadgets.

With hot tea and coffee on tap, and cakes and snacks also available, it's one of the best areas for private meetings over the course of the weekend. 
Registration Desk
The Registration Desk is located in the foyer of the Royal Garden Hotel and is where you will register and collect your conference bag upon arrival.
Registration opening times:
Thursday 13:00 - 21:00
Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday 09:00 - 18:00
Robertson Taylor’s Pow! Wow! Suite
Insurance brokers Robertson Taylor W&P Longreach are once again hosting their impromptu space for private meetings – the Pow! Wow! Suite – which operates in the Phantom Zone (York Suite) on the Mezzanine Floor of the hotel on Saturday 7 March.

A response to feedback from delegates regarding the amount of available meeting space around the hotel, the space features table service for hot and cold beverages and snacks will be available too.

Robertson Taylor’s Pow! Wow! Suite opening times:
Saturday 13:00-19:00
Rogues Gallery
If you need to track down someone in particular, but can't remember what they look like, or there's someone that you've never met in person, the Rogues Gallery Hall of Fame computer houses a searchable database of delegates and their photos, and is located in the lower ground floor lobby.

ILMC 27 delegates can access the Rogues Gallery online here from Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 March. The username and password can be found on page 4 of the Globetrotters Guide.

Don't forget to upload your photo when you register for the conference, to ensure that you are included in the gallery. 
Travel Desk
The ILMC's official travel agent - The Tour Company - will be on hand to answer all your accommodation and travel questions throughout the conference weekend. 
Travel Desk opening times:
Thursday 13:00 - 18:00
Friday 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday 09:00 - 18:00
Sunday 10:00 - 16:00