Agenda Line-up Finalised

With just a few days to go until Cirque d’ILMC begins, a final round of guest speakers has been announced and it’s a line-up containing more bite than a circus lion with toothache. Once again, in no particular order…
On Friday, Niklas Jonnson (Luger) and Álvaro Covões (Everything is New) finalise the panelists for The Dance Club: Blowing up the balloon; whileMike Smith (Virgin EMI) and Daniel Lloyd-Jones (Sony ATV) finish the line-up for On The Record: Fortune sellers.
On Saturday, Herman Schueremans (Rock Werchter) joins the top table of the Festival Forum: Come rain or shineKaren Campbell (Diesel) and Denzil Thomas (Phar Partnerships) join Sponsorship: Working with the big cats; and Simon Presswell (Ticketmaster) and Ian Hogarth (Songkick) completeTicketing: The futures market.
Click here for the full lowdown.

Music Ally Offers for ILMC Members

Those marvellous folks at music business intelligence firm Music Ally are offering all ILMC members a free three-month subscription to their reports, as well as a free download of their most recent publication Tickets Please – the first of a two-part live & digital feature series. Music Ally profess to love music as much as they love tech, and their world-renowned research is well respected.
To sign-up for the three-month trial, click here.
To download Tickets Please the report, click here.
The company’s head of research, Karim Fanous, will be co-hosting the CRM & big data workshop on Saturday at 16:30, so be sure to drop by and thank him in person for his kind offer…

Get Taken for a Ride

Getting home after a night in AEG’s Wunder Bar at the hotel could be a complicated thing, especially if it’s after hours or after a few. So ILMC has teamed up with online taxi service Uber to offer all first-time users of the service a free ride to the value of £20. Just download the Uber iPhone or Android app, and use the promo code ILMC to claim it.

The Uber app works in 70 cities around the world, and Uber London has a fleet of S Classes, XJs and 7 series that can be booked at the touch of a button. 

Download the Uber app here.

Agenda Update

Juggling more topics than ever, the ILMC agenda has more points in it than a myopic knife thrower’s assistant. The provisional list of guest speakers is now online and recent additions include (in no particular order) Rob Challice (Coda Agency), John Giddings (Solo Agency), Steve Zapp (ITB), Cris Hearn (Primary Talent Agency), Andrew Dreskin (Ticketfly), Emmanuel de Buretel(Because Music), Renaud Visage (Eventbrite), Anna Sjölund (Live Nation Denmark), Carel Hoffman (Hilltop Live Promotions), andMatthew Lazarus-Hall (Chugg Entertainment). Click here for the full lowdown as it stands right now.
Meanwhile, linking with an in-depth report on the international insurance market in this year’s Globetrotters conference guide, an extra meeting has been added on Saturday 8 March – Insurance: Honestly, it’s the best policy 2. Chaired by Ian Thomas of MGR Weston Kay, this drop-in session includes Martin Goebbels(Robertson Taylor) and James Dodds (Doodson Broking Group) who will be on hand to answer any insurance-related questions and help navigate what is currently a changing landscape. Read more here. (This session replaces Market Focus: India, which will now be held next year).

Giant Strida for e.Auction

Sunday afternoon’s Nikos Fund Prize Draw has a wealth of prizes up for grabs but one of them is just too good to leave to chance on the day. Pieter Smit Theater Produktie Service B.V. has donated a top-of-the-range Strida folding commuter bicycle, which we’re putting up for eAuction to raise money for this year's charity.

To bid for this award-winning bike, simply email [email protected]by Saturday 8 March, or fill in an auction slip on site before midday on Sunday. The winner will be announced at the Nikos Fund Prize Draw at 2.45pm that day. Pieter Smit are even offering to ship the bike directly to the winner, unless they want to cycle straight out of the lobby… If you also have a prize that you’d like to generously donate, please get in touch with [email protected].com. All proceeds go to this year’s chosen charity, theMake-A-Wish Foundation.