Bursary Scheme deadline looms

The deadline for the ILMC Bursary Scheme is fast approaching. The scheme was set-up to provide young professionals and start-up companies – who would otherwise be unable to attend – the opportunity to participate in ILMC for the first time. So with the (30 January) deadline looming, any ILMC members who know a promising new recruit that would add something to the ILMC's vibe should send them this link, where there’s more info and an application form.

Please help spread the word in these final few weeks…

IEG - newest ILMC 27 sponsor

With Friday at ILMC now featuring a whole day of conference sessions from 10am (you knew that right?) our new Turkish friends Istanbul Entertainment Group have proudly stepped in to sponsor the Crime-fighter’s Super Snack, and ensure that delegates remain energized all day.
Expect some of the finest meze and Turkish delights that London has to offer as the Super Snack is served across the 'meze-nine' floor of the hotel from 12:30-14:30. The first major break of the first full day of ILMC, it’s a chance to refuel and rub caped-shoulders with fellow crime-fighters before the afternoon sessions begin. 

Pollstar's Tech Laboratory

One of the new elements at ILMC this year is Pollstar’s Tech Laboratory (the space formerly known as the Cyber Café), which has been reimagined to host some of the industry’s most exciting new technologies.
The space is open 24 hours a day and also serves as one of the main meeting spaces during ILMC, with tea & coffee; cakes & snacks, as well as recharging points.
If you’re into cool stuff that gets exponentially smaller and more expensive, make sure you drop in during the conference.

There are also a few remaining spaces in the Lab, so if you have a gadget, a gizmo or the latest must-see innovation yourself, email [email protected] for info.

ILMC 27 Mug Award

It was a record first week for registrations when the floodgates opened last Monday, but faster on the button than Spiderman up a drainpipe was Christian Gerlach from Neuland Concerts. Christian is now the proud recipient of the legendary ILMC Mug Award (for the first ILMC mug to register). Many congratulations Christian, and may your mug never be half empty...

Saving the Planet at ILMC 27

Saving the earth is a mission that most superheroes have attempted at one time or another, so in keeping with the current theme, we’re trying to do our bit as well. This year, ILMC is working to reduce the carbon emissions around the event, and all of our super delegates can play a part as well.

When you sign-up for ILMC, there’s an option to offset your travel, with all monies raised going towards the Festival Wood wild forest regeneration scheme run by AGreenerFestival. It’s a voluntary contribution, but we guarantee you’ll feel like a true superhero if you take part…