ILMC 27 launches!

The 27th edition of the International Live Music Conference is now live online, thinly disguised this time as its alter-ego: the Intergalactic League of Music Crimefighters. So dig out your old Marvel comics and start figuring out how to fit your underpants over your trousers, because we’re calling all would-be industry superheroes to assemble in our ‘Fortress of Platitudes’ for a truly supercharged edition of the world’s favourite live music conference.

And in fact, the conference will have mutated this year - not through the intervention of a radioactive spider or exotic space rock, but in response to the wishes of you, our members. The biggest change will be to the timing of the conference schedule, which will run from Thursday evening to late afternoon on Sunday. It will feature more events, more meeting space and more panels than ever before, with a new workshop programme and Tech Laboratory thrown in for good measure.

All the information you need is online, and we’ll be sending you regular updates via e.News, as well as in IQ Magazine. The website is also where you can vote for the Arthur Awards.

However, like the best spandex outfits, space is at a premium at ILMC. The conference always sells out in advance, so it’s advisable to sign-up quickly – not only to give yourself a chance of scooping the coveted Mug Award (for the first mug to register) but also to avoid the risk of missing out and being forever banished to the Phantom Zone.
Whether you decide to come in the guise of your mild-mannered alter-ego or revealed in your true identity as a caped music crimefighter, we look forward to seeing you there.

Can’t wait to go? Register here