Agenda Line-up Finalised

With just a few days to go until Cirque d’ILMC begins, a final round of guest speakers has been announced and it’s a line-up containing more bite than a circus lion with toothache. Once again, in no particular order…
On Friday, Niklas Jonnson (Luger) and Álvaro Covões (Everything is New) finalise the panelists for The Dance Club: Blowing up the balloon; whileMike Smith (Virgin EMI) and Daniel Lloyd-Jones (Sony ATV) finish the line-up for On The Record: Fortune sellers.
On Saturday, Herman Schueremans (Rock Werchter) joins the top table of the Festival Forum: Come rain or shineKaren Campbell (Diesel) and Denzil Thomas (Phar Partnerships) join Sponsorship: Working with the big cats; and Simon Presswell (Ticketmaster) and Ian Hogarth (Songkick) completeTicketing: The futures market.
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