Agenda Update

Juggling more topics than ever, the ILMC agenda has more points in it than a myopic knife thrower’s assistant. The provisional list of guest speakers is now online and recent additions include (in no particular order) Rob Challice (Coda Agency), John Giddings (Solo Agency), Steve Zapp (ITB), Cris Hearn (Primary Talent Agency), Andrew Dreskin (Ticketfly), Emmanuel de Buretel(Because Music), Renaud Visage (Eventbrite), Anna Sjölund (Live Nation Denmark), Carel Hoffman (Hilltop Live Promotions), andMatthew Lazarus-Hall (Chugg Entertainment). Click here for the full lowdown as it stands right now.
Meanwhile, linking with an in-depth report on the international insurance market in this year’s Globetrotters conference guide, an extra meeting has been added on Saturday 8 March – Insurance: Honestly, it’s the best policy 2. Chaired by Ian Thomas of MGR Weston Kay, this drop-in session includes Martin Goebbels(Robertson Taylor) and James Dodds (Doodson Broking Group) who will be on hand to answer any insurance-related questions and help navigate what is currently a changing landscape. Read more here. (This session replaces Market Focus: India, which will now be held next year).