Provisional Agenda Now Online!

The ILMC 26 agenda is now live, and includes new educational workshops and future-focused panels covering the breadth of the live music world, all in one jumbo-sized meeting schedule. The only element of the agenda still to announce is our Dragon’s Den mentoring sessions, which we’re saving for a special announcement later, so stay tuned for more. Otherwise, and with full details online, here’s a quick rundown…
Friday 7 March
Starting the day, the New Delegates’ Orientation is for first-timers, or those who can’t remember the first time, after which ILMC’s big opening session kicks off the weekend.
The Open Forum: A word from the ringmasters welcomes another cast of industry heads who will review the last 12 months in live music before tackling the biggest topics of today. Confirmed guest speakers for the session include AEG Europe’s new president and CEO, Tom MiserendinoFolkert Koopmans, CEO of festival giant FKP Scorpio; Live Nation’s president of European concerts, John Reid; and The Agency Group’s Geoff Meall. The session is chaired by Greg Parmley (ILMC).
Friday afternoon also sees Music Week editor Tim Ingham chair our label session On The Record: Fortune sellers; while The Dance Club: Blowing up the balloon, examines the seismic shifts and recent consolidation in the EDM world. 
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Tom Miserendino, Folkert Koopmans, John Reid, Geoff Meall, Tim Ingham, Greg Parmley.

Saturday 8 March
As previously announced, the two main-room sessions on Saturday are Ticketing: The futures market, which looks at emerging and future trends in artist ticketing; and Artist Development: Games within frontiers, which will address the launch, growth and maintenance of an artist’s career both nationally and across borders.
Other sessions include the perennial favourite The Emerging Markets’ Place: Pulling back the curtain; and The Venue’s Venue: Big tops and little tops, which hopes to define the perfect venue with exclusive statistics in hand. Sponsorship: Working with the big cats highlights the changing world of brand partnerships; and Festival Forum: Come rain or shine welcomes an all-star cast of festival heads. The presentation-based New Technology: The kabinet of wondersintroduces a range of fascinating new gadgets and gizmos; while The Market Focus: India profiles this colourful touring territory. 
Saturday also sees the launch of ILMC’s new workshop sessions with hosts including Music Ally, Live Nation and AEG. There are two dedicated sessions: one on social media marketing, and the other on CRM & big data
Saturday chairs include: Barış Başaran (Pozitif), Jemma Downey & John Probyn (Live Nation), Paul Samuels (AEG Live), Serge Grimaux (Intellitix), Steve Machin (Stormcrowd), Carl A H Martin (, Venkat T Vardhan (DNA Networks), Juha Kyyrö (Full Steam) and  Rense van Kessel (Friendly Fires).
Read the full schedule of Saturday meetings.

John Probyn, Barış Başaran, Steve Machin, Jemma Downey, Carl A H Martin, Venkat T Vardhan.

Sunday 9 March
Sunday begins with The Breakfast Meeting with Emma Banks, as Ed Bicknellinterviews the six-time Arthur Award winning agent. As one of the world’s most successful agents, Emma’s roster includes almost 100 successful artists including Arcade Fire, Bruno Mars, Kanye West, Kraftwerk, Papa Roach, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Feeling. If you’re going to get out of bed for one reason on Sunday, this 90-minute chat covering live, the universe and everything, is it!

Later that day, The Booking Ring: Juggling acts takes a long, hard look at loyalty in the business; while The Show Room: The show must go on hones in on those touring show behemoths and the genre’s successes. The Sunday Review: The view from the high wire is the final main-room meeting, which summarises and expands upon the key issues raised over the weekend, before The ILMC Autopsy: Cleaning up after the elephantswraps it all up neatly.
Sunday chairs include: Ed Bicknell (Damage Management), Tom Taaffe (The Agency Group), Stuart Galbraith (Kilimanjaro Live), Gordon Masson (IQ Magazine), and Allan McGowan & Martin Hopewell (ILMC).

View the full Sunday schedule.

Ed Bicknell, Tom Taaffe, Stuart Galbraith, Gordon Masson, Allan McGowan, Martin Hopewell.