Latest Agenda Updates

Friday afternoon's main room session The Joined-up Industry: Artist development matters will see two former colleagues reunited, as Randy Phillips and Rob Hallett join the panel dedicated to new business models and the future of artist development. The ex-AEG Live executives have both recently announced new ventures – Phillips as CEO of Global Entertainment, and Hallett as CEO and founder of Robomagic.
Also participating in the session on Friday 6 March at 17:00 will be Paul Craig (Warner Music Group/Nostromo Mgmt), Ian Hogarth (Songkick) and Anna Sjolund (Live Nation Sweden), as well as chairs Greg Lowe (The Agency Group) and Juha Kyyrö (FKP Scorpio Nordic).
Randy Phillips, Rob Hallett, Anna Sjolund, Paul Craig & Ian Hogarth
In other agenda news, Stefan Lehmkuhl (Melt! Booking) and Richard McGinnis (Warehouse Project) will join Friday afternoon’s The Dance Club: All sold out?; while Ivan Milivojev (EXIT Festival) joins Saturday’s The Emerging Markets Place: Heroes & villains. Saturday also sees Dan Berkowitz (CID Entertainment) and Daniel Monsell (LoveLive TV) as guest speakers on Festival Income: Fields of green.
Stefan Lehmkuhl, Ivan Milivojev, Daniel Monsell, Gary Pitt & Dan Berkowitz