YouTube & Facebook at ILMC

ILMC’s new workshop schedule is taking shape fast, with the first two Friday sessions seeing two of the world’s biggest online destinations on hand to give delegates real-world tips and tools for better business.
Friday 6 March kicks off with YouTube: Streaming, Discovery and Ticketing Futuresrun by YouTube executives David Thorpe (partner product manager) and Matias Llort (strategic partner manager). The workshop will cover festival and event streaming, and discuss what role the world’s largest music website can play in planning tours and selling tickets.
Later that day, Facebook’s head of entertainment for Europe, Niall Fagan, will run Facebook: Making More of Social Media, a workshop dedicated to getting the most from the world’s largest social media portal. Expect 60 minutes of insight into music discovery, promotion, marketing and ticketing, as Fagan imparts insider knowledge of Facebook’s services, both current and forthcoming.