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The Agents of I.L.M.C

Martin Hopewell   Chairman
Greg Parmley   Managing Director
Chris Prosser   Director of Marketing & Press
Lou Percival   Producer
Alia Dann Swift   Consultant Wonder Woman
Graham Leask   Financial Director
Cameron Farzad   Financial Controller
Gordon Masson   Agenda Consultant
Allan McGowan   Agenda Consultant
Tom Hopewell   Agenda Consultant
Martin Hughes   Head of Design
Kane Leighton-Pope   Registration Manager
Michael Muldoon   Events Manager, Web Admin & Sub-editor
Sue Moro   Marketing Assistant
Amanda Crane   Gala Dinner Event Manager
Sarah Willis   Production Office Manager
Embla Gisladottir   Assistant Production Office Manager
Bill Martin   Production Manager
John Ayres   Assistant Production Manager
Carole Grove   Props & Costumes Manager
Sonja Benavidez   Props & Costumes
Manjit Kandola   Technical Production
Mike Grove   Overnight Technical Manager
Richard Butler   TES Sound
Isobel Work   Production Assistant
Amanda Pope   Registration Co-ordinator
Sytske Kamstra   IPM Associate Producer
Tina Waters   Director of Hotels & Travel
Christine Mckinnon   Hotels & Travel
Terry McNally   IQ & Table Football Referee
Eamonn Forde   Writer
James Looker   Photographer
Awais Butt   Photographer
Jon 'JC' Corbishley   Head of Security
Ben Challis   Roving Reporter