Festival Income: Fields of green

Saturday 7 March 2015
15:30 – 16:30
Room 3
Chair: Hugh Phillimore, Cornbury Festival (UK) 

The festival industry is a remarkable demonstration of just how creative and innovative entrepreneurial spirit can be. And as the industry faces rising artist fees and production costs, this spirit is being put to good use in identifying new ways to turn a profit and stay solvent. Aside from primary ticket sales, and that all-important income from beer and burgers, what new income sources are adding to the bottom line for festivals? And what new revenue streams look set to emerge over the next 24 months? Hugh Phillimore chairs an all-star cast examining opportunities that range from VIP packages to RFID and cashless systems, and the monetising of content through streaming, amongst others.

Guest speakers include:
Serge Grimaux, Intellitix (CH)
Gary Pitt, Get in Bed (UK)
Dan Berkowitz, CID Entertainment (KP)
Adam Goodyer, Concert Live (UK)

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About Hugh Phillimore:
Hugh Phillimore promoted his 1st show at school aged 16 and joined the music business in 1979 as a talent scout, aged 19. Some 35 years later he’s putting together the 12th Cornbury Music Festival in Oxfordshire, UK, and continuing to supply major stars at private and corporate events through Sound Advice, a company he started in the early 80s.

He has worked for the British Royal Family, major celebrities and many of the UK’s top companies. He booked artists for the Soho House Group’s Babington 24 event; the Belgian Beach Rock Festival for 10 years; and produced a series of shows at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival, The Tower of London, and Arundel and Warwick Castles.

He started Cornbury in 2004, which is now known as Poshstock, the UK’s smartest festival, where he’s now in partnership with Pete Wilson and Dennis Arnold at 3a Entertainment.

He managed Imelda May from small club shows to sold out nights at Dublin’s O2 Arena with Bono as her special guest, and with over 1 million CD sales in 2006 with Decca Records 2007-2014.

About Serge Grimaux:
Serge loves his job.

About Adam Goodyer:
Adam Goodyer is founder and CEO of Concert Live LTD. Across 10 years in the industry, the company has grown from a provider of unique live music content to a leading force in event-led data and mobile commerce. Working across large-scale concerts and festivals with key partners including Live Nation and O2, the company is pioneering a new revenue stream through app-based mobile payments.