Workshop: Safeguarding the music venue

Saturday 7 March 2015
14:00 – 15:00
Room 4
Hosts: Mark Davyd, Music Venues Trust (UK) & Fabien Miclet, Liveurope (BE)

Small- and medium-sized venues around the world are reporting a set of rising challenges to their future. Yet as the R&D department of the music ecosystem, the importance of venues cannot be underestimated. Mark Davyd and Fabien Miclet present several new initiatives designed to safeguard these vital breeding grounds for new talent. The workshop will explain how those networks are being built, what initiatives and funds are available for touring or operating venues in Europe and beyond, and will offer practical steps for supporting them.

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About Mark Davyd:
Mark is the founder and CEO of Music Venue Trust, the charity that represents over 100 small- and medium-sized venues in the UK.

He is co-owner of Tunbridge Wells Forum, a venue he founded in a toilet over 20 years ago; CEO of Rhythmix, the music charity that works with young people in challenging circumstances; the owner of Outstanding Music, a 360-degree music company with a specialism in alternative Latin music, and is the loudmouthed band manager to a stable of Spanish acts.

Mark is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a regular speaker at international conferences (SXSW, LAMC, Eurosonic).

In his spare time he likes to sit in a corner and mutter the phrase "what spare time?" over and over again.

About Fabien Miclet:
Fabien is a French-Irish, Brussels-based specialist in European affairs and international music projects. He is currently in charge of the coordination of the Liveurope Platform at Ancienne Belgique.

Fabien deals, among other things, with the Liveurope funding mechanism, membership mangagement, the branding strategy of the platform, and the organisation of the Liveurope events.