The Venue’s Venue: Fortresses of solitude

Saturday 7 March 2015
10:00 – 11:00
Room 3
Chair: Marie Lindqvist, Stockholm Globe Arenas (SE)

From the constant innovation demanded at arena level, to the fight for survival at the grass-roots end, being in the venue business is no easy thing these days. This year’s annual tour of the venues sector gets deep into topics of technology, customer service, new models for naming rights deals, and the shape of venue partnerships. Meanwhile, chair Marie Lindqvist asks what new revenue opportunities are emerging within this evolving sector, and what new forms of content are worth considering. The session also includes exclusive NAA and EAA arena statistics, and a summary of IQ Magazine’s European Arena Report presented by editor Gordon Masson.

Guest speakers include:
Ilan Faktor, Masada Arena (IL)
Victoria Matthews, EAA (ES)
Steen Jørgensen, Vega Copenhagen (DK)
Robert Fitzpatrick, Odyssey Arena (UK)

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About Marie Lindqvist:
Marie Lindqvist is general manager for the AEG-owned Stockholm Globe Arenas that operates the collection of indoor sports and entertainment venues located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Having previously served as the company’s head of marketing from 2006 to 2012, Lindqvist now oversees all aspects of the operations of Ericsson Globe, Annexet, Hovet and Tele2 Arena. Every year the group hosts 300 events and welcomes 2 million visitors.

About Steen Jørgensen:
Steen Jorgensen have been managing small & midsize venues in Denmark for 25 years - the latest four years as CEO at VEGA/Copenhagen. Conditions and 'politics' around the live music scene, have added numerous tasks over the years, i.ex. founding membership of the Danish Music Export Office, appointments to the national Arts Council, Danish LIVE etc.

About Robert Fitzpatrick:
Robert Fitzpatrick was appointed Chief Executive of the Odyssey Trust Company Ltd (OTC) on the 4th June 2007.  He reports directly to the Chairman (Brian Burke) and the Board of OTC Ltd who are the owners of Odyssey.

Robert has over 20 years experience in leisure and property management sectors.  He has acquired, developed and restructured businesses continually adding value to the overall business performance.

Robert is a keen sportsman and has run a number of big city marathons including Boston and New York.  He is also an avid music fan as well as being a studious lover of history and related matters.