The Joined up Industry: Artist development matters

Friday 6 March 2015
17:00 – 18:00
Room 1
Chairs: Greg Lowe, The Agency Group (UK) & Juha Kyyrö, FKP Scorpio Nordic (FI)

With less funding, fickle fans, rising costs and dwindling royalties, who would want to be in the business of developing artists? Yet building live careers is still the bread & butter for thousands of dedicated professionals, many of whom are now setting aside old rivalries to work more collaboratively. So what new business models are beginning to bear fruit, and which emerging business models are worth a look? And internationally, how are promoters launching and developing career artists? As agents become festival promoters, labels become promoters, management collectives take it all in-house, and boutique operations try and do everything, Greg Lowe and Juha Kyyrö consider what shape the ‘joined-up’ business might take in the future, and how artists may benefit as a result.

Guest speakers include:
Rob Hallett, RoboMagic (UK)
Paul Craig, Nostromo Management (UK)
Ian Hogarth, Songkick (UK)
Anna Sjölund, Live Nation Sweden (SE)
Randy Phillips, Global Entertainment (US)

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About Greg Lowe:
Greg is a live agent at The Agency Group (UK) which he joined in 2010.

After a brief career in music journalism, writing for dance titles such as Mixmag, Muzik and Jockey Slut, Greg moved from journalism to PR where he worked with Parlaphone, Regal, Gut, and Ministry of Sound records.

When Elastic Artists opened for business next door, it took only three months to emigrate one room over and swap jobs. Greg spent seven good years at Elastic looking after acts such asBugz in the Attic, Soul II Soul and The Nextmen before moving to The Agency Group where he represents a wealth of underground electronic and indie pop music.

Current clients include Underworld, Crystal Fighters, Glass Animals and the Knife (RIP?).

Away from the office, Greg’s significant achievements include failing miserably at stand-up comedy, sleeping rough in San Francisco and trying his hand at triathlons.

About Juha Kyyrö:
After merging Fullsteam Agency into FKP Scorpio in 2014, Juha Kyyrö now looks after FKP Scorpio’s activities in Northern Europe as a partner and managing director of FKP Scorpio Nordic.