Market Focus: Latin America

Friday 6 March 2015
15:30 – 16:30
Room 3
Chair: Bianca Freitas, Enjoy Experiences (BR)

Facing unprecedented levels of interest from abroad, and with many festival brands launching regional editions, Latin America appears to be booming right now. And as ticket sales rise, some promoters are forging new relationships and working cooperatively, changing the traditional structure of the business. So, as the region continues to grow, what lessons can be learnt from its growth, and what factors are still holding it back? From ticketing and venue facilities to currency and sponsorship income, Bianca Freitas leads this must-see session to ask whether Latin America is truly the land of gold that some believe.

Guest speakers include:
Carlos Geniso, DG Medios (CL)
Christian Krämer, CKConcerts (CO)
Daniel Grinbank, DG Medios (AR)
Claudio Romano, Rock in Rio (BR)

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About Bianca Freitas:
Bianca Freitas is a concert promoter and founding partner of the entertainment company, Enjoy Experiences. As head of artistic direction and new business enterprise, she represents the NME brand in Brazil, and works on production for major shows for clients such as Universal Music and Editora Abril.

Previously, Bianca held high level positions with some of the biggest promoters in the Brazilian and international music world, managing, promoting and producing events from small to mega-sized and collaborating with numerous popular artists, tours and events globally.

In 2014, she co-founded On Stage Lab, sharing the expertise of leaders in this industry with students, professionals and entrepreneurs, to allow them to learn in depth about the design and business operation of the industry. 

About Carlos Geniso:
Carlos Geniso is a premier promoter in South America with headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

With over 20 years experience in the South American Market, Geniso and his DG Medios company are at the forefront of the exploding multimillion dollar entertainment business in South America that now attracts both the top artists in the world and provides a diverse international platform for new up-and-coming artists.

DG Medios has a network of promoters throughout the region that promote concerts in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay and also works cooperatively with major promoters in Brazil.

With his production and marketing background spanning 35 years, Geniso and DG Medios bring broad experience to the forefront in the region. In addition, DG Medios has an office in the US under his DG Medios brand – DG Medios US, Llc.

DG Medios in Chile operates in a wide range of venues including the Chile National Stadium complex, which includes the recently renovated national stadium, with the capacity to hold some 65,000 people and  several other stadiums; the state-of-the-art Movistar Arena, (cap. up to 16,000); and numerous smaller venues, enabling DG Medios to accommodate the widest variety of tours and their production  requirements, supplying local equipment needs and accommodating delivered shows with equal ease. 

With a broad base of sponsor support and highly trained professional in-house staff, DG Medios offers artists the very best of outstanding experiences when touring South America.

About Claudio Romano:
Claudio is the Business & Partnership Director of Dream Factory Entertainment, a company that is part of the Artplan Communication Group. Dream Factory act in three strategic pillars: proprietary events (entertainment and sports), on demand events (planning, creation, production) and consulting (market research, financial feasibility and marketing consultancy) with events such as: Rio Marathon, Sónar SP, Rock In Rio, World Youth Day, TED Global and Rio Street Carnival. 

With 18 years' experience in the entertainment market, Claudio started his career at Sony Music Entertainment. He was previously head of Day 1 Entertainment where he was responsible for several artists and also developed, promoted and produced events and festivals. He specialises in business development, branding, marketing and sponsorship.