Workshop: YouTube: Music discovery and live streaming

Friday 6 March 2015
10:00 – 11:00

Room 4
Hosts: David Thorpe & Matias Llort Lorenz, YouTube (UK)

The relationship between YouTube and the live music industry is getting increasingly closer these days. The live broadcast of concerts and festivals brings new income streams and partner opportunities (as well as operational and rights issues), while as the world’s most popular music website, YouTube is a powerful music and fan discovery tool. David Thorpe (partner product manager) and Matias Llort Lorenz (strategic partner manager) discuss how to get the most from the platform, be that streaming shows, planning tours or selling tickets.

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About David Thorpe:
David Thorpe is a partner product manager for YouTube, managing operations and partnerships for live streaming services worldwide. In his six years at YouTube and Google, David has worked with many news, sports and entertainment organisations, enabling video-on-demand services, content protection and monetisation.

He was previously head of technology at Somethin' Else, and has worked in the media and entertainment industries for over 20 years.

About Matias Llort Lorenz:
Matias Llort is a strategic partner manager at Youtube EMEA. A former director of music at Myspace for the UK, he started his professional career at BMG Music and Sony Music Entertainment. He specialises in business development, music marketing, music streaming and social media.